Carolina Air Solutions, Inc. (CAS) – Safety and Health Policy Philosophy

Carolina Air Solutions, Inc. takes the safety and health of its employees very seriously. The philosophy as stated in the policy manual:

The safety and health of our employees is of utmost concern to Carolina Air Solutions, Inc. It is our policy to provide safe and healthful working conditions and to comply with prevailing safety and health laws and regulations.

In turn, it is the obligation of each employee, as part of his or her job, to observe the safety rules and to practice safety at all times.

The success of a safety and health program depends upon strong interaction and communication between members of management and our workforce. Carolina Air Solutions, Inc. will provide direction for this effort. It is our corporate goal to minimize workplace risks in the effort to eliminate occupational injuries and illnesses.

Carolina Air Solutions, Inc has partnered with Nain and Associates, LLC to administer our Safety and Health training and development programs. CAS relies on Nain and Associates, LLC to engage staff and employees to a high level of commitment of safety in the workplace. They have recently taught an OSHA 10 class to all field employees which certified all employees as OSHA 10 card holders. Other services provided to Carolina Air Solutions, Inc. by Nain and Associates:

  • OSHA Compliance / Loss Control
  • D.O.T. Compliance
  • Workers Compensation / Cost Control
  • Property / Casualty Assessments
  • Training – OSHA Compliance, DOT, Hazmat, Forklift, Accident Investigation, Policy · Development, and any related customized training.

Every field employee at CAS is provided with a truck which contains safety equipment and proper tools to perform every aspect of each job safely and efficiently. Every employee is encouraged and instructed to practice daily safety procedures that are specific to every work situation. The employees are the most valuable assets to CAS so every reasonable attempt is made to comply with all regulations pertaining to safety and health issues.

The Safety and Health Program at Carolina Air Solutions, Inc. assists management and non supervisory employees in controlling hazards and risks which will minimize injuries and damage to property. All employees are required to follow the guidelines set forth in the Safety and Health Manual to promote the safety of coworkers and customers and eliminate injuries or damage to property. All employees are also required to follow any safety and health regulations that customers have in place at their place of business.