About Us

Carolina Air Solutions

Carolina Air Solutions, Inc. (CAS) is a Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) company serving the commercial and industrial markets. CAS was established in 2002 Larry D. Copeland and Rodney L. Gordon, two individuals who have been working in the industry for their entire professional careers. Their experience in Sales, Management, Project Management, and Technical Service has allowed them to create a highly efficient and competitive organization dedicated to maximizing the operational efficiency of the customer’s HVAC Equipment. CAS provides high quality of Service on all types of HVAC equipment, Installation of Mechanical Equipment, and Controls Installation and Service.

Mission Statement

” Consistently provide all-inclusive solutions for Commercial and Industrial facilities to maximize efficiency and prolong existence of HVAC equipment, through superior capabilities and guaranteed customer satisfaction. “

” One philosophy that Carolina Air Solutions, Inc. has is that they want to earn you as a customer and develop a long term working relationship. They want the type of working relationship that is both affordable and fits the needs of every customer. CAS, Inc. is able to provide comprehensive HVAC service due to the highly trained and skilled employees in their Service, Construction, and Controls Departments. “